About the artist

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Hi there! I’m Sarah Godlove, the flour-dusted face and dye-stained hands behind Heart Baked In!

I thrive on creating memorable sugar cookie art that tastes as delicious as it looks. I use high quality ingredients and create with precision and passionate attention to detail. I view every cookie as a piece of art made with loving care. Nothing makes me happier than hearing, “this is too pretty to eat, but I’m going to anyway!” Cookies equal love, hence my business name, "Heart Baked In”. 

Had you told me way back in my 20s that I would be designing and decorating sugar cookies full-time, I would have laughed and labeled you as crazy!  After earning my college degree in Economics, I started my responsible adult life by getting married to my college sweetheart, settling down, and working in finance. When three adorable children started arriving, I threw myself into a new career as a stay-at-home mom, becoming totally immersed in PTA, scouts, kids sports, community boards and volunteerism.

I never thought of myself as crafty or artsy, but I now realize that perhaps I was in denial! Because while my own mom only cooked out of necessity and never baked a thing in her life, I thoroughly enjoyed both, starting when my kids were young. I also loved sewing elaborate Halloween costumes every year, throwing fun parties and coming up with crafts for school events and scout meetings.

A passion was born when I decorated my first cookie around the time my last child went off to college. The science and art of cookie decorating satisfies everything in me – I’m a relentless perfectionist, fascinated with the how & why behind all the technical aspects of cookie making. And the creative part of my brain just can’t stop thinking about color, designs and basically how to turn anything into a cookie!

I think cookie decorating is a profession that many introverts are drawn to, and I’m no exception. The solitary pursuit of beautiful cookies; shared with happy customers, friends & loved ones, makes my heart sing!   

Everything is better on a cookie, including quotes like the one shown here that sits in my kitchen…I truly do believe there is real power in baked goods, cookies in particular! So have fun looking through my work and let’s connect! You can use the Contact page or email me directly at sarah@heartbakedin.com.

Life is sweet, my friends!